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Tonya Olson Minnesota Lady Boss Business


Photographer & Owner of Beauty Marks Boudoir.

I am a coffee loving mother of 3 pretty rad, semi-feral kids. I rock a mom bun more than I care to admit and I've wore leggings 90% of the last 12 years but HEY! It's comfort and functionality. Have you seen the acrobatics I have to achieve while photographing?! I was so thankful when they were trending.. although it was short lived. I pretend I'm a rap god in and out of the shower.. daily. But 90's Country is my hearts jam. I like deep intense conversations and long hugs. Giving & receiving gifts truly fills my love cup! There are not many things I wont do, because I love being social more than I care about what activity we are doing. Lastly, I love being an empowerment photographer. I adore being a part of everyone's life story and in turn you are all helping to write mine.
&& if that all sounded really scattered.. Nice to meet you, I am Tonya!

Erynn Levenhagen Beauty Marks Boudoir Ph


Photographer's Assistant, Media Manager & Beauty Marks Boudoir HMU Artist

I’m a mother, wife, and empath to a fault. I'm an adoring lover of podcasts, crystals, tattoos, and all things magical. I think I’m hella funny sometimes and I really LOVE talking — that’s what makes it SO fun to get to know every one of our guests! I’m a nurse, ally, and believe in humanity. Beauty Marks has been such an amazing experience come true. I don't even like to call it a job because of the pure joy it brings me. Doing hair and makeup have always been a passion of mine; I get to bring that to daily life with what we do here! Catch me working out my camera angles and perfecting my videography skills, how 'bout 'dat. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime and in family with Tonya and our village. (Seriously you guys, it’s a big, crazy one!) I’m SO happy to be here in this!

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