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Revelry by Powerful Woman Beauty Marks Boudoir Fargo Moorhead

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What is Revelry?

You are powerful woman. I am powerful woman. We are powerful woman.

But, you don’t always feel it, do you?

In those silent moments of darkness and doubt, when the weight of your world bears down on your shoulders, you ask yourself, “How can I be more? How can I be better? How can I have more?”

In that deep yearning for more, it’s easy to forget to appreciate the beauty of simple routines and the comfort that redundancy brings.

We all feel this. And this honesty is power.

Realness is power.

Vulnerability is power.

You already have what you need—Revelry is a launching pad to help you identify, discover, and use the tools that will help you re-engage with your life.

Your beautiful, messy, and powerful life.

Revelry was intentionally designed into two separate sessions: First Light to Find Yourself and An Evening to Escape.

The morning session is dedicated to your growth and your transformation. You’ll dig deep, focus, and spend this precious time connecting, learning, and letting yourself feel.

You’ll connect…

To your true self, to your own wellspring of power, and to other open-hearted women who could become lifelong friends.

You’ll learn…

The tools needed to release judgment, to set boundaries, and to double down on your authentic self, knowing that you are already more than enough.

You’ll feel…

Seen, safe, and dare we say it, powerful.

First Light to Find Yourself is your chance to re-awaken the truth within you. The venue will be set for optimal learning, opening of hearts, and honesty.

When was the last time you spent time on your growth?

Who is your authentic self?

This is the time to find out.

An Evening to Escape is dedicated to your delight and celebration. All five of your senses will be immersed in an evening of exotic performances, true beauty, and the power of celebration.

You’ll experience…

Live dance & vocal performances while you indulge in beauty for your own sake.

You’ll be surrounded by theatrical beauty and get to really cut loose.

Sure, you could choose to only access the glitz and glam of the evening session—how could we blame you for being drawn to it?

But to get the full impact of Revelry, we encourage you to spend the full day with us. The evening will be so much more meaningful if you’re celebrating all the breakthroughs and wisdom gathered from the morning.

Not to mention that kind of work bonds women together—let yourself get the maximum benefit.

You deserve one day.

When was the last time you did something just for you?

Maybe it’s time to find out just how powerful you really are.

Buy your Ticket! Invite a Friend!

Click here to see the official event link and purchase your REVELRY All -Access ticket for the day! 

This one day event has it all. 

After all, that is exactly what you deserve! 

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