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Ep. 3 with Sara: The Transformative Power of Boudoir Photography - Take Up Some Damn Space Podcast

In the latest episode of "Take Up Some Damn Space," Tonya and Sara dive deep into their journeys with boudoir photography, sharing candid insights and personal experiences that highlight the transformative and empowering nature of this unique art form. Listen Here

Celebrating Unique Beauty: The Power of Boudoir Photography

Tonya and Sara open up about the various boudoir sessions they've done together, ranging from a commercial shoot to birthday and themed shoots. Through these sessions, Sara's experienced significant changes in their self-perception and body image. They emphasize the importance of trust, communication, and understanding in creating a safe and supportive environment for clients and friends alike.

The First Session Reveal

Sara discusses the magic of the first reveal in boudoir photography, describing how seeing oneself through Tonya's lens lead to a profound shift in self-perception. This moment served as a catalyst for greater self-confidence and a deeper appreciation of her unique beauty.

Creating a Safe Space for Body Acceptance and Communication

Open communication is crucial in boudoir photography, especially when addressing sensitive topics like body acceptance and hair removal. Tonya and Sara stress the importance of creating a safe space where clients can express their insecurities and concerns, allowing for a more authentic and empowering experience.

Evolution and Growth: The Impact of Multiple Sessions

With each session, Sara become more comfortable and trusting in the process, allowing for a more genuine and powerful experience. Tonya and Sara discuss the impact of this evolution, noting how it lead to many more sessions.

Quote from her Episode

The episode is filled with memorable quotes that capture the essence of their conversation:

  • "If I can take a naked photo, I can take photos and I can get over this strange little ism that I had." - Sara

  • "When I photograph you, I feel like I can breathe." - Tonya

  • "Those times I've been told that I'm cute. They weren't lying." - Sara

  • "I want shiny patent leather, like red. I want like black and like strappy. I want like like like pornographic pornographic." - Sara

  • "Just remember to continue to breathe. Just don't hold your breath." - one of us

  • "It's OK to exist here in the unknown for a minute." - one of us

  • "Don't worry about it. Don't overthink it." - one of us


  1. 00:00 Introduction and Setting Up

  2. 01:45 The Transformative Power of Boudoir Photography

  3. 08:00 Building Trust and Communication in the Photographer-Client Relationship

  4. 12:50 Exploring Different Types of Boudoir Sessions

  5. 21:07 How They Heard About Boudoir & Conclusion

  6. 30:23 Exploring the Deeper Reasons Behind Wanting to Feel Sexy

  7. 38:00 Creating a Safe and Welcoming Space for All Body Types

  8. 45:45 Vision for Future Photo Shoots

  9. 50:13 Evolving Trends in Boudoir Photography

  10. 01:03:50 The Power of Breathing and Relaxation

  11. 01:05:37 Letting Go of Control and Trusting the Process

  12. 01:07:37 Evolution and Growth: Multiple Sessions

  13. 01:16:19 Capturing the Essence: The Storytelling Power of Images

  14. 01:28:21 Transformative Impact: Self-Perception and Self-Confidence

  15. 01:35:53 Engaging with the Conversation and Sharing Experiences

  16. 01:35:58 Outro

Tune in to Episode 3 of "Take Up Some Damn Space" to hear Tonya and Sarah's heartfelt conversation about the beauty, empowerment, and transformation found in boudoir photography. Whether you're a seasoned boudoir enthusiast or new to the concept, their stories and insights are sure to inspire and uplift. Need A Professional Body Waxing Artist? Find Sara : Instagram Facebook

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