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Brand Ambassador Application

Beauty Marks Boudoir | Brand Ambassador Program

Program Overview:

The Brand Ambassador Program is designed to promote our boudoir photography business by leveraging the influence and passion of selected ambassadors. These ambassadors will embody our brand values and help spread awareness through their social media platforms and personal networks.


  1. Increase brand visibility and reach.

  2. Generate authentic content showcasing our services.

  3. Drive bookings and referrals through ambassador influence.

  4. Strengthen community engagement and build a loyal customer base.

  5. Celebrate and represent all bodies and orientations, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Ambassador Criteria:

  1. Must be 21 years or older.

  2. Active on social media with a significant following (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.).

  3. Passionate about body positivity, self-love, self-expression, and empowerment.

  4. Comfortable sharing their boudoir experience and photos publicly.

  5. Willing to commit to a 6-month partnership.

  6. Open to celebrating and supporting all body types and orientations.

Program Benefits:

  1. Free Photoshoot: Each ambassador will receive 1-3 complimentary boudoir sessions.

  2. Exclusive Discounts: Ambassadors will receive special discounts on future sessions and products.

  3. Referral Incentives: Earn bonuses or additional discounts for each referral that books a session.

  4. Personalized Promotion: Featured on our website and social media channels.

  5. Professional Development: Opportunities to collaborate on creative projects and gain experience in brand promotion & Modeling.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  1. Content Creation: Share at least 4-6 posts per month on social media showcasing their boudoir experience, tagging our business, and using designated hashtags.

  2. Engagement: Interact with our social media posts and stories to help boost engagement.

  3. Referrals: Actively promote our services to their followers and network, aiming to bring in new clients.

  4. Feedback: Provide constructive feedback on their experience to help us improve our services.

  5. Inclusivity: Promote and celebrate all body types and orientations through their content and interactions.

  6. Monthly Check-Ins: Regular meetings with ambassadors to discuss progress, address any concerns, and provide support.

Application Process:

  1. Application Form: Interested candidates will complete this application form providing their personal information, social media handles, and reasons for wanting to become an ambassador.

  2. Interview: Selected candidates will participate in a brief interview to discuss their fit for the program and commitment level.

  3. Selection: Five ambassadors will be chosen based on their alignment with our brand values and their potential influence.

Ambassador Contract:

Each ambassador will sign the contract outlining their responsibilities, the benefits they will receive, and the terms of the program to ensure mutual understanding and commitment.

By implementing this Brand Ambassador Program, we aim to create a powerful network of advocates who will help us celebrate and promote the beauty of boudoir photography, fostering a community of empowerment, self-love, and inclusivity for all bodies and orientations.

BMB Brand Ambassador Program Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador for Beauty Marks Boudoir. Please fill out the following application form with as much detail as possible. We look forward to learning more about you!


Social Media Presence

Please provide links to your social media profiles:

Personal Background

Brand Fit

have you ever participated in a boudoir session before?

Commitment and Availability

Are you willing to commit to a 6-month partnership as a Brand Ambassador?

Additional Information


By submitting this application, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Brand Ambassador Program and understand the responsibilities and benefits outlined.

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